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April 9, 2012
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Ciels mind was swimming in a pool of thoughts. It was well into the evening and he still found it difficult to focus on his studies from the result of yesterday's incident.

Sebasitan not only told him that he craved the young earl, but he had also taken the opportunity to kiss him. He could still feel the softness of that demons lips pressed gently against his. His sweet tongue, slowly scoping around his mouth like a wandering snake. The hot rush of pheromones that washed over his body as they did so…

Ciel scoffed as he slapped a hand to his face and ran it down in frustration. Things would be different now. He couldn't even stand to look at his Butler without his face blossoming into a fire of crimson red. He had kissed Lizzie, his fiancée before, but it was nothing compared to Sebastian's. He knew he shouldn't be having these feelings for his own Butler, but that man really knew how to get him going.

Ciel expelled a heavy sigh while he closed the book that he had failed to read. He did not even bother to bookmark the current page. Maybe if he were to eat something sweet it would lighten his mood. Ciel stood up from his chair and stretched, releasing the tension which had built up in his back.

Usually Sebastian was the one to bring him food, but he did not want to be anywhere near that demon. He would have to find some sweets for himself, which did not seem too hard.
Exiting the room, Ciel made his way down the hall and into the kitchen. The young Earl looked around curiously, never had being been in there before. It was bigger than he had anticipated and though it was littered with utensils and trays, it had managed to still stay well organized.

Ciel continued to eye the kitchen, searching for some pantry of the sort. A small oak cabinet caught his eye. It looked somewhat important, he was sure there was at least something edible inside. Ciel lifted his leg over the counter and clambered his way up. He cursed his stature which was rather short compared to Sebastian's. If his Butler was here, he could easily reach out and hand these things to him.

Ciel tugged open the cabinet and searched inside. He found some flour and a sack of sugar hiding in the far back corner. Gathering these things together, he hopped down and set them onto the counter.

What all was needed to make a cake again? He was sure of the two that he already had but he was clueless about the rest.

Ciel rummaged through several other drawers before pulling out a bottle of paprika, some cloves, a can of tomato paste (wondering if tomato was actually a fruit or vegetable), a carton of orange juice and the utensils used to mix them all together.
Ciel eyed his selected ingredients with pride. He was certain that this cake was going to be quite delicious.

Starting out with the flour, Ciel poured a generous amount into the bowl, the can of tomato paste following in shortly after. It did not smell that great, but with the other ingredients having yet to be added in, it was sure to be simply wonderful.

When the young Phantomhive was finally done all of the preparations, he frowned. A festering bowl of sludge bubbled up in front of him. Ciel dusted off his fine clothing which had gotten sullied with flour while working on the monstrosity. He couldn't do anything without the help of Sebastian. It was pathetic.

In a fit of rage, Ciel swiped his failed experimentation onto the floor, along with his shattered pride.

Not even a few seconds later Sebastian was there to aid. "Master, may I ask why you are in the kitchen?" the Butler asked as he waltzed in, looking very confused at the situation before him. The Earl who was covered in a thin sheet of flour pouted back at him with great frustration.

"I thought you were up in the library doing your studies."

Ciel crossed his arms childishly and turned his back at Sebastian. "I was a little hungry so I came down here to make some sweets." He blurted, trying to hide his reddened face.
Sebastian eyed his master with great concern. Why hadn't he ordered him to bring sweets? The young Earl was not acting like himself lately. He wondered if it was because of yesterday's occurrence. A thin smile sprouted onto Sebastian's face. Cleaning up the mess, Sebastian had managed to make the spot spick and span. It was much better than it had been before the incident.

"I do believe that it is time for your bath." Sebastian stated, as he stepped closer toward Ciel so that he could brush the flour off of his clothes. Ciels eyes widened at this statement. Every night before bed, Sebastian had always been there to wash his back for him. It was a place that most people could not reach, so it was pleasure to have someone else do it for him.

Though, tonight was different. The very thought of Sebastian seeing him stand there bare and naked sent a series of goosebumps down his spine.

"We can't have you walking around sullied now, can we?" Sebastian cooed happily, as he headed towards the door. "I will prepare your bath."

As Sebastian exited the room, a devious smile spread slowly across his face. Walking in on Ciel covered from head to toe in flour was quite adorable. He had appeared to be shelved and broken just like a helpless kitten. Sebastian sighed as his cheeks blossomed into a rosy pink. Oh how he loved cats! Their sleek fur, such soft paws, and the vibrating purr they would make when pleased. It was surely a sight to behold!

My friend wanted me to finish the story, so heres the next chapter.
Stay tuned for the next chapter! It will be juicy and fangirl worthy!
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